The Rocking Horse Winner By D. H. Lawrence

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In the short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner” written by D. H. Lawrence, Paul is a young boy who fails in his quest to obtain the love of his mother, Hester. Initially, Paul fails because Hester is controlled by the possession and admiration of material wealth. Paul has the inability to change his mother’s values and in so cannot begin to attract her love. Secondly, Hester marries for love, but such love fades in time. Paul and his sisters are incapable of interacting with their mother without her heart growing stone cold. In addition, Paul’s consistent effort for achieving Hester’s love proves to be detrimental. No amount of money can quench Hester’s greed; any money provided fuels the greed and destroys every sense of love. Lastly, Paul ends any chance at love in a final decision that leads to his demise. Paul destroys himself physically and psychologically, losing any sense of love available. Overall, Paul is unable to gain Hester’s love due to her corrupt morality and his inability to see her growing greed. The first prominent issue regarding Paul’s quest is his mother’s sense of self-fulfillment. Though the family is fairly well off, Hester’s ideologies bring into perspective the value of items that regard the basis of living. Desire is responsible for the growing greed in which Hester becomes trapped within. Necessities and desires become illusions of one another, and satisfaction becomes emphasized upon wealth. Hester’s actions after she is given money
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