The Rocking Horse Winner

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D. H. Lawrence was born in England on September 11, 1885. Lawrence grew up in the small mining town of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire where his father, Arthur John Lawrence, was a coal miner, and Lydia Lawrence, his mother, worked in the lace making industry (D.H Lawrence Biography). The same town depended on the mining industry to provide jobs for the family's. Growing up in Eastwood, Lawrence was bullied at school for not playing sports like the other boys. Lawrence father, Arthur, wanted him to follow his footsteps and become a miner but Lawrence did not want to. Lawrence became the first boy in Eastwood to win a county council scholarship to attend Nottingham high school (D.H Lawrence Biography). In high-school, the scholarship boys where separated in a different class. In 1906, Lawrence left Eastwood to attend the University of Nottingham were he got his teacher's certificate. Lawrence is known for his interest in materialism and modern society. These themes have been found in the “The Rocking Horse Winner”, which described a young boy by the name of Paul who has no luck. Paul would ride his lucky horse to find the winner of the horse’s name. Paul and his uncle would gamble on the lucky horse to get money so he can support the mother’s money hunger needs, which she needed desperately. He uses symbols, such as the house and the rocking horse to create an allegory on how he uses greed, materialism, and modern society throughout his story. Paul’s home was a
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