The Rocking Horse Winner Literary Analysis

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The Problems Within (A Discussion on three messages from D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking-Horse Winner) D.H. lawrence was a writer during the early 1900’s. His writing was very controversial and sometimes his success was even overseen from the controversy. “Lawrence's writings are characterized by spontaneity, vividness, and intensity of feeling. Like many other modernist writers, he sharply criticized industrial society while trying to imagine a new, more authentic basis for modern life”(Winter). One of Lawrence's most known writings is The Rocking-Horse Winner which supplies his audience with three important messages. The first and most obvious message in D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking-Horse Winner is you are you're money. The story takes place in the early twentieth century, this was a time when Britain had a rigid class structure. This meant that the upper class was always trying to live in the “right” addresses, go to the “right” schools, and have the “right” friends. Paul, the little boy in the story, and his family were not exception. “They lived in a pleasant house, with a garden and they had discreet servants, and felt themselves superior to anyone in the neighborhood”(pg1247). Their money they had made them feel this way, makes them feel more powerful than others, who lacked money. The moment the father gets laid off, the greedy mother starts borrowing money from her brother, until he gets fed up. They feel without money, they aren't the same people they were
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