The Rocking-Horse Winner

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The short story that has the best quality off literary fiction would be, The Rocking-Horse Winner by D H Lawrence, a story about a young boy trying to win his mother’s love by seeking the luck she thinks she does not have also, wanting to give her the luxurious lifestyle she dreams of by betting on horse races he begins to make money to hopefully make everything better. This short story represents setting, plot, theme, symbol and character very well. Without these main points of emphasis being made a short story would have no structure so that’s what I feel is most important. In the short story, The Rocking-Horse Winner, Irony is introduced to the readers within the first paragraph of reading the story when you first meet Paul’s Mother “Everybody else said of her she is such a good mother” (pg169). This shows that by them saying that and the author describing the person she knew she was and so did her children that being the total opposite. Wouldn’t that make the story become a bit more interesting once you find out in the beginning that it’s not what it seems to be you have to get more details, and irony starts there but it continues throughout the whole story. Once you know where a story is taking place you can begin to visualize…show more content…
The disparity between Paul's family's luxurious tastes and their actual income sets the whole story in motion on (pg170) it says “and so the house became to be haunted by its unspoken words there must be more money there must be more money”. The theme of the short story however would be luck not love, the reason I say luck is because that’s all the mother ever wanted, and Paul had made it his responsibility to have luck for is mother (pg171) when Paul ask his mother what is luck she replied “it’s what causes you to have money if your luck you have money that’s why it’s better to be born luck than
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