The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence Essay

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With a household comes the responsibilities of maintaining a happy and stable family. The duty of having a secure family involves financial security, which ensures a household has enough to eat, stays properly nursed, and clothed. The level of happiness relies on the dynamics of the family itself, such as how supportive and attentive a family is to one another, but often times happiness is blindsided by money. Financial security and happiness can be confused and overshadowed by the aspiration of money and consumerism. Families provide their household’s financial needs, but neglect the emotional aspects. The overpowering need for money takes a toll on families. D.H Lawrence’s short story explores the dynamics of money and its psychological…show more content…
The psychological effect, obsession, literally drives Paul insane. Money consumes his young mind and overtakes him, leaving his newly rich family with the devastation of a dead child. Although money can bring material items, it does not bring happiness, instead is brings the family anxiety. Anxiety is described as, distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune ( The mother, Hester, is described as anxious throughout the story, “[Paul’s] mother had sudden strange seizures of uneasiness… sometimes for half an hour, she would feel a sudden anxiety” (Lawrence 47). The mother’s desire for money is the cause of her mental anxiety, and anxiety attacks. Even after receiving Paul’s anonymous winning she remains unsatisfied, making it evident that there is no end to the desire of money. Hester’s want for money brings her to state of depression. Depression is defined as, a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal ( Leon Lewis’s critique on “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, describes Hester’s depression, “She herself is deeply troubled by what she feels is a ‘hard little place’ at the center of her being that prevents her from loving anybody.” (“The Rocking-Horse Winner’’). The consuming desire for money leads Hester to a state of depression that effects her ability to love her family. Overall, the consuming desire for money causes
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