The Rocky Horror Picture Show Analysis

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Charlie is actually starting to enjoy school. He is making new friends, like a girl named Mary Elizabeth. Patrick tells Charlie about his toxic relationship with Brad. Brad refuses to admit that he is gay so he gets drunk and high to use it as an excuse to not remember what happens between him and Patrick. Brad gets really drunk and Patrick calls Brad’s parents to pick him up. Brad’s parents send him to rehab. When Brad gets back from rehab he avoids Patrick. One day Brad tells him he wants to have a relationship with him, but it has to be a secret. Patrick is not sad that it is a secret. He is just happy that Brad no longer has to get drunk and high to date him. Charlie is helping Mary Elizabeth with her Rocky Horror Picture Story production. Sam is playing Janet and Patrick is playing Frank ‘N Furter. Charlie admits that he is in love with Sam.…show more content…
It is Thanksgiving now. He is having dinner with his extended family. At dinner they all say what they are thankful for. Now it is Christmas time. Charlie and his friends are doing secret santa. Charlie picks Patrick. His first present for Patrick is going to be a Mixtape. He has titled it One Winter and it is going to have winter songs and some of Patrick’s favorite songs. Patrick loved the tape. Charlie thinks that Patrick knows that he is his secret santa. Charlie decides to give Patrick magnetic poetry for his next gift. Charlie receives socks, slacks, a tie, a white shirt, shoes, and a belt for his gift each one at a time. Charlie also gives Patrick paint, a book called The Mayor of Castro Street, and a book on how to play the
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