The Rodent-Esque: A Short Story

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In considering her rodent-esque, he certainly didn’t know how close to the truth he was. All her life, she had struggled with whether she was subhuman, or superhuman, but the fact remained that she was nothing more than a lab rat—a test subject with no choice in the matter. Prior to some… devastating events, her outlook on life was bleak—she was to remain in the facility, moving from her “private” quarters to various rooms for testing on the daily, getting fed nutrient-rich mush five times a day, exercising whenever they put her in the fitness room, et cetera. Her life was laid out for her, even down to most of her bathroom breaks. And though they told her that her room, with a small, twin-sized bed she sometimes rolled out of, in her sleep, in the middle of the night, with an incredibly small adjoined bathroom facility with what seemed like a two-foot-by-two-foot shower stall, a cold, harsh stainless steel toilet and sink, was private, but this was not true. There were cameras, hidden well, but still detectable, that could view her at any angle the scientists pleased. Degrading. A genetic miracle of science, she was given the name Genevieve by the scientists who had taken it upon themselves to raise her from “birth” to the age of four—at…show more content…
She had taken their life in her hands and ruined it, though this is a story for another time. One of the scientists who seemed to be far too personally invested in the little rat had lent her a hand in escaping, telling her, "Go, get out of here; if they cannot kill you, they will confine you for the rest of your existence. So go. And remember that you can trust nobody and you must talk to nobody, for, if someone were to find out exactly what you are, I cannot say for sure what would happen… but it will not be good. Apart from that, you will be hunted. Leave, now, and don’t you ever come
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