The Rogerian Approach

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Chapter 1 Review Questions:
Invention in rhetoric is the process of using ethos, pathos, and logos to create your own idea for a piece that you will write. It is essentially forming words and ideas of what to say and how to say them in order to be successful in an AP course.
Ethos is the credibility or the reliability of the author and establishes feasibility throughout the text.
Logos is the logic in all of the content and usually gives factual evidence or some type of important information that relates to the subject.
Pathos is the emotional aspect of the message and is used to draw in the reader. It touches your heart instead of your brain which is an effective way to capture the audience.
They come in a perfect balance as people use
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The statement is present, however something is needed to back it up and give justification. The claim will show your stance and the reasons will sustain that stance and carry it further.
The warrant is the principle that is crucial for the audience’s understanding. It is the element that secures the claim to the proof using a detailed affirmation that might not have been picked up on had it not been mentioned. Often abstract ideas will fly over the reader’s head and the purpose will therefore be ineffectual.
The Rogerian Approach is a strategy that keeps the audience on the same page as the author, whereas the average argument will strike a tear because of different beliefs. This technique uses mutual understanding and thoughts to stick on the same level instead of drawing a divide by creating two sides to an issue. It isn’t about winning or losing in this scenario, it is more about the presentation of the argument in keeping good taste with the reader.
The “says/does analysis” type of rhetoric is very smooth and straightforward. It simply summarizes or gives quotes directly from the text at hand, then pulls them apart to illustrate the writer’s
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