The Role And Behavior Of Women In Society Is Determined

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The role and behavior of women in society is determined by their cultural norms, social structure, social expectations, and value system. Standards and norms of society do not change at the same pace as changes due to technological advancement, cost and standard of living, growth in population, industrialization and globalization. Social and educational policies fail to cope with desired changes in various fields. Particularly, social status of women in India is a typical example of the gap between position and role accorded to them by Constitution and the restrictions imposed on them by social traditions. What is practicable and possible by women and useful for them, in fact, is not within their reach. They have to exist within the…show more content…
In rural areas, daughters of agricultural labourers, small farmers and artisans and in urban areas, daughters of slum dwellers working in low level occupations are most likely to be withdrawn from school early. (World Bank, 1991). Sometimes the economic condition of family pushes children to become child labour. Daughters in their childhood and adolescence are neglected and more labour is extracted from them parents because of net flow of wealth from daughters to their parents generally stops after marriage. Traditional sex role make going to school as secondary for girls (Mitra, 1978).
Homemaking is the sole vocation for women. In spite of development of human civilization new forms of vocations and professions have come up. But majority of women seem to contribute their time in unpaid activities like household and agricultural work like sowing, weeding, transplantation, manuring, harvesting, winnowing, shelling and storing harvested crops and seeds along with activities within family such as cooking, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, taking care of the children and elderly.
Due to either no earning or low earning activities of women their contributions to the society go unnoticed. The Five Year Strategic Plan of Ministry of Women and Child Development for 2011-16 notes that workforce participation rate of women in rural area is 31% where as it is 55% for men. In urban area this rate is 14% for women as compared to 54% for men. Women’s share of organized

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