The Role And Role Of Public Administration In Botswana

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1. What is public administration? Public Administration is an aspect of a more generic concept of administration or management. Public Administration houses the implementation of government policy and an academic discipline that studies this implementation and that prepares civil servants for this work. In essence, Public Administration is centrally concerned with the organization of government policies and programmes as well as the behavior of officials formally responsible for their conduct. In the case of Botswana there is the central government (higher tier) starting from Cabinet through to line Ministries and Departments. For example Ministry of Basic Education and Ministry of Local Government. In fact in Botswana there are eighteen ministries that include Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security where Botswana Police Services as a department. The local government (lower tier) is made up of the Ministry of Local Government which takes care of the masses in the districts. Its main departments or major functions are as follows; Local Government and Development, District Administration, Local Government Service Management, Tribal Administration, Sanitation and Waste Management, Social Services, Remote Area Development Programme and Research and Planning. The long and short of it is that Ministries are task with mandates to administer public goods and services to the masses. 2. What is the role of public administration in the Government? (At the back of your mind you know exactly who is the Government) Examples of Roles: 2.1 The promotion of a rational development of economic proportions through macro-regulation, a role performed by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development through the fiscal policy and on the other hand oversee Bank of Botswana on implementation of monetary policy issues. 2.2 To support of the private sector, especially of small and medium-sized enterprises, the development of effective cooperative relations between the public and private sectors a role performed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, CEDA and LEA. The drafting and implementing effective sectorial policies Ministry of Trade and Industry, especially securing internal and external security Ministry of Foreign
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