The Role As Parent, But Was Not Your Parent? Essay

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During your childhood, did you ever have someone that played the role as parent, but was not your parent? According to, 1,300 new step-families form every day and over half of the U.S families are remarried which means over half of the children in the U.S have a step-parent. Some children may form a bond with them as if they were they’re real parents. Sadly, some may only know their step-parent as their father or mother instead of knowing their biological parent. For those of us who grew up in a multi-parent home, we know that, for the most part, being raised by a step-parent could possibly be the biggest blessing in our lives. I mean, more love to go around! As for me, I grew up knowing my step-father, Chris, as my real dad. Though, I knew he was not my biological father, he was the one that stepped in when my biological father stepped out. Chris demonstrated the character of a real father. Growing up, Chris had four kids from his previous marriage, and my mother had four kids from her previous relationships. Do you know what that meant? We had a ten-person household! Could you even imagine? I enjoyed having a gigantic family, yet despised it at the same time. Mom and dad had to work ALL the time to support us. Despite the long work hours, they always found time for us to all spend together. One of our biggest traditions was to have a Sunday brunch. To this day, after moving out and being on my own, I carry this tradition in my own home. Although Chris

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