The Role, Cost, and Management of Hospitality Facilities Essay

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The hospitality industry consists of travel companies, hotels, resorts, transportation, and restaurants, whom all provide over-lapping comforts. Gradually, the hospitality industry has increased its focus on creating more and more facilities for their customers. Hospitality facilities management and design is a book that is dealing with management of different facilities in the hospitality industry. This is a classic book that has dealt with all aspects of hospitality management. David M. Stipanuk is the author of this book. The first chapter of this book entails The Role, Cost and Management of Facilities in the hospitality industry. The role of a hospitality facility is to provide an appealing visual environment, over all ambiance,…show more content…
The POM is connected with the initial construction cost in that the more you spend to build, the more you will have to spend to maintain. Property operations and maintenance (POM) costs: Labor and benefits Supplies Contract costs Utilities costs: Electricity Fuel Steam Water Some of the contributing factors would include occupancy, weather, the usage of the system, the age of the facility, the types of building systems, local utility rates, local labor rates and the differences in construction. Some businesses may have already considered the distinction between their core business and non-core business (Example; security and maintenance versus cleaning) as part of the motivation to produce and achieve greatest value and customer satisfaction. Because of the fact that running costs account for an important part of yearly expenses, second only to payroll, there will be pressure to look for savings in non-core business areas. Cutting operating budgets may be an attractive, or financially expedient, short-term measure but may not foster the business' long-term development. Since the running of a hospitality facility involves complex, co-ordinated processes and activities, it is of utmost importance for management to take an integrated view. Management must make it possible for hospitality facilities to offer maximum support to core business activities,
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