The Role Of 2 Youth And Community Organisations

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The piece will discuss an interagency project application between 2 youth and community organisations, with the aim of securing local authority funding set within the youth commissioning process. This piece will discuss a number of key components which are essential towards an effective partnership and the success of a joint funding proposal. Furthermore this paper will provide a number of areas that need to be considered and avoided in the process of the bid being rejected or suspended.

It is ‘over the last 30 years’ that youth and community groups have experienced a ‘major change in the ways public services have been perceived, managed and provided. Merton et al (2009:94) claim ‘the business model has prevailed and public services, including youth work, are increasingly being put out to tender’. Merton also suggests;
‘Government policy has been to shift the role of the state from being the single provider of such services to being the commissioner by securing services from other suppliers...and as a result ‘the public service landscape have opened up to the market place’. Commissioning….is the process through which this is done’.
Merton (2009:94-95)
The first step in this process according to Hoggarth et al (2009:76) ‘is to obtain a full copy of the requirements of the tender, commissioning process or funding scheme and the application form’ which could consist of providing a ‘expression of interest’ or ‘pre qualification questionnaire’ (PQQ) ‘especially in a…
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