The Role Of A Father

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3.0 The Role of a father While both parents are equally important, a father is an instrumental and key figure in the modern family. This is because he is the head of family and more often than not, the chief bread winner in most cases.Other tasks and roles performed by a father are unique and defined basing on the cultural background of the community that he comes from. However, from culture to culture, the fundamental tasks that are required of manhood are basically the same, some of which we are going to look briefly in this paper. A father should always be there for his wife and children to provide the much needed love and support. Showering them with lots of cash does not necessarily indicate love and support. He should be ready to give them an ear, comfort them and spend quality time as well as quantity time with them. This is crucial in creating an emotional tie, a prerequisite for strong and healthy family relationship. The father therefore plays the role of loving and supporting his spouse and offspring. Camon extensively explored the effects of not having a fathers love and support on a child’s development (121) The father offers protection and guards the family. Guarding and protecting does not necessarily mean directly confronting and beating up anyone who threatens the family. It simply means that as a father and head of the family, you are reliable and can be counted on by your family when it matters most. It means you that you
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