The Role Of A Nurse During The Legislative Process

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The Role of a Nurse in the Legislative Process

Samantha Stover

Ohio University

The legislative process is constructed of three parts that include the policy formulation, policy implementation and policy modification. Policy formulation is gathering and formulating a bill to take to legislation for review. The bill consists of a healthcare issue that has been researched with a clearly stated alternative or solution to the problem. Then the policy is implemented within the various nursing boards. The outcomes and feedback related to the policy in place is noted as policy modification. Policy modification helps reconstruct issues within a bill that has been
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Dr. Linda Aiken, PhD, RN studied patient outcomes in California’s state mandated staffing ratios compared to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which non-mandated staffing states. Dr. Aiken noticed that patient mortality in California was significantly decreased due to the lower ratios. Nurses in California had a higher retention on their nursing units and lower patient mortality due to the fact that they took care of fewer patients than New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Nurse dissatisfaction and burnouts were lower and quality of patient care was increased in California (Costa & Yakusheva, 2016).

On the other hand, where there have been publications producing information that lower ratios allows for a positive patient outcomes and enhanced nursing retention, there is little to no research articles stating that higher ratios cause harm. Annals (2013), states that the concern of mortality is something the nurse does, not the ratios. The incorrect action of the nurse has to be determined to aid patient safety. Also, where these articles research the time a nurse spent with their patient and the patient mortality, there are numerous other factors that are not evaluated within this research such as hospital environment, nurse satisfaction within the job, teamwork, education and management (Shekelle, 2013). “For example, hospitals with better nurse staffing may also have better overall financial resources, facility characteristics, and
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