The Role Of A Nurse

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Task 1a The role of a Nurse Initial meeting and assessment of situation The first thing the nurse will do when assessing the patient will be to request their medical records, if they haven’t been brought up already. This is to help gain some background information of the patient and see if there’s anything of great importance which could help the patient. While that’s been done they would request a blood and urine test to see if Melinda has ingested anything they should be aware. Consultations and Assessments The nurse will be consulting with the midwife to see what the options are for the unborn child and the mother as she’s 18 weeks pregnant and there may be a possibility the foetus can survive. The usual steps to take when there is a baby scare is an ultrasound to determine whether there is still a heartbeat, so the midwife will need to perform an ultrasound on Melinda to assess the situation and decide what the best course of action is. Third-party insight (non-professional consultation) The next person to consider communicating with would be a social worker as Melinda is bleeding; she has a history of alcohol and drug abuse and has a partner with a history of violent offenses. It would benefit Melinda’s daughter to have someone look at her home life and environment, for the same reasons as above. It would also help if there was a play specialist to speak to Melinda’s daughter, to help gain understanding of the child’s perception of events and any worries she may have

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