The Role Of A Pi Chi

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What do you think the role of a pi chi is? The role of a pi chi begins with a good foundation, which is developing the knowledge and appreciation of all the Panhellenic sororities on UTC’s campus. Being past Membership Education for my sorority, I understand how important it is to learn the specific details of the organization in order to fully appreciate it. Additonally, it is important for pi chis to develop a relationship with PNMs so they feel comfortable enough to have whole hearted conversations about their thoughts and feelings through the recruitment process without the fear of offending or feeling judgement from their Pi Chi. They also need to be approachable so all PNMs, not just in their group, can feel comfortable enough to approach them with questions, concerns, or just someone to talk to. A role outside of the PNM’s eyes is being able to work with people of different personalities, backgrounds, and Greek affiliations to be able to make the preparation process and recruitment week go smoothly. Describe in detail all offices, positions, and leadership experiences you have had within your sorority and outside of your sorority and explain how…show more content…
She sent us all an email with a “Get to Know Me” document attached to it during the summer before formal recruitment. I remember thinking, this is it. This is the life I have been dreaming of ever since I had received my acceptance letter to UTC. She talked about how much she loved Chattanooga and how impactful the Greek system had on her life. This idea I had in my mind about moving to college and joining a sorority now had a personal connection for me. My Pi Chi was a house head through recruitment so I was around other Pi Chi’s more than my actual one. I remember think how special I felt that a stranger cared so much about me and tried to develop relationships with all of us when she had her own group to attend to as well. It definitely made the
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