The Role Of A Single Hospital Unit For Effective Nursing Leadership

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Leadership is one of the most important aspects of running organizations as it contributes the overall strength, wellbeing, and success of an organization. Without leadership and management, assurance of standards and regulations of care would falter. Lack of an authority presence could lead to some nurses or other healthcare team members providing inconsistent care, as well as a lack of organization and direction within the units of the hospital. In the hospital, nurse leaders and managers play a vital role as they help successfully run units, guide nurses in successful practice, empower others to strive to reach goals, while also maintaining strict standards and acting accordingly by serving out appropriate repercussions and consequences…show more content…
Effective nurse leaders within a CAS demonstrate the ability to be flexible, adaptable, and creative affording leaders to become competent in innovation and creating dynamic changes within the system (Weberg). The article, “Addressing Leadership Gap in Healthcare”, also identifies 16 qualities of effective leaders. These qualities range from “building relationships” by knowing how to build and maintain working relationship with co-workers and external parties, “leading employees”, “change management” with the use of strategies to illicit effective change, “self-awareness”, and “resourcefulness” (“Addressing Leadership Gap in Healthcare”, 2011). The 16 qualities outlined permit leaders to establish a style of leadership that better addresses CAS, the external environment, and developing interconnectedness within the system, all of which allow for a better, stronger organization.

There are many different leadership models from which leaders can base their leadership on, however, there are only a certain few which are able to answer to healthcare CAS, one of which is complexity leadership. The complexity leadership model provides a framework for healthcare leaders based on collaboration, complex systems thinking, and innovation mindsets.
Collaboration is one component of nursing leadership in healthcare CAS. Collaboration involves connecting with other systems
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