The Role Of A Superintendent Within A School District

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Introduction Much of this clinical experience has been examining the specific role of a superintendent within a school district. I found that the reflections as part of the weekly journal to of particular interest and benefit as I examined he “Guiding Questions” for this final synthesis essay. Interestingly, my colleagues in this course found these reflections not to be beneficial. During one of our class meetings it was noted that these were not a beneficial exercise and that reflection was not needed. To that, I would counter that reflection s always needed but it is often the easiest item to overlook. In our hectic administrative world, it is easy to become buried in Administrivia. Often we do not event take a moment to move from one crisis to the next. Reflection is the only way we can halt the inexorable march to the end. I for one, was pleased that we were asked to reflect on each week. I took this as an opportunity to examine the actions of the superintendent and, in a risk free environment, provide my perspective on the positive or negative actions observed or experienced. Hopefully the observations and judgments in those weekly journals remain an academic exercise and not a communique to my superintendent. As I re-read the journal entries and focus them with the lens of the guiding questions, I have some final thoughts about my qualifications and idiosyncrasies that may come into play if ever I was afforded the honor of being a superintendent. What
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