The Role Of A Teacher In The 21st Century

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The role of the teacher in the 21st century education consists of the teacher demonstrating leadership among the staff and with the administration-bringing consensus and common, shared ownership of the school’s vision and purpose. It is important for the teacher to make the instructional content engaging, relevant, and meaningful to students’ lives; teach core content that includes critical thinking, problem solving, addition to information and communications technology (ICT) literacy; and facilitate instruction encouraging all students to use 21st century skills so they discover how to learn, innovate, collaborate, and communicate their ideas. In addition, teachers are to ensure the 21st century content (global awareness, civic literacy, financial literacy, and health awareness) is included in the core content areas; make certain subjects and related projects are integrated among disciplines and involving relationships with the home and community. Teacher are also to reflect about their practice by including assessments that are authentic and structured and demonstrate student understanding and demonstrate the value of lifelong learning as well as encourage their students to learn and grow. The evaluation process for teachers includes the following components:
Component 1: Training - Before participating in the evaluation process, all teachers, principals, and peer evaluators must complete training on the evaluation process.
Component 2: Orientation – The teacher
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