The Role Of A Woman Essay

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In traditional society, the role of a woman is limited to her private sphere which is known to be the household. Of course, throughout time we have seen the rapid growth of awareness for women’s rights, often resulting in protests and law changes. However, despite the new mindset, we are unable to escape the patriarchal system that runs society to this very day. As a practice that is embedded into our everyday growth, we often do not question its intentions. Our behaviours and attitudes towards one another are taught through what is already set in place. For example, there is the notion of women not being able to join men’s workplaces as they are not considered strong enough. Alongside this we also have the idea that being a girl is frowned upon as boys are told not to act ‘girly’ as they will not be taken seriously. However, both examples chosen challenge yet also align with the gender boundaries. In Reply 1994 (Shin Won-ho, 2013) and It’s Okay, That’s Love (Kim Kyu-tae, 2014) we are introduced to gender roles in the South Korean society through two different time periods. Of course, the mindset of society changes, but it is also important to note that the character’s surroundings and environments all influence how they behave in each episode. As proven through the two examples, gender roles are being challenged through new information that can be left for the audience to interpret. This paper will examine the portrayal of typical gender roles in both dramas as they are

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