The Role Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Many authors use specific themes to develop their purpose in their literature. Arthur Miller focuses on the theme of character motivation in his historic play “The Crucible.” Abigail Williams is an important character in the play who is so good at dissembling it leads other characters to believe she is innocent and honest. Abigail William’s was so motivated by power and love that she cost the lives of many people and ruined their families.

One of the characters Abigail’s power affects is John Proctor. Abigail William’s wanted John Proctor so badly and she knew she could not have him with her still alive. So, she accused his wife; Elizabeth Proctor. Elizabeth Proctor is arrested and taken to jail. In result, John Proctor confessed to adultery
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Abigail threatened the girls by saying if they confessed or told the truth she would kill them because when she was a young girl she saw her parents get killed. This causes the girls to keep quiet until Elizabeth Proctor was accused and Mary Warren went to tell the truth causing Abigail and the rest of the girls to turn on her. Mary Warren then pointed the finger at John Proctor which shocked Abigail and the girls welcomed her “back.” Abigail's power over the girls caused others to be accused because they followed her lead and those accused were soon hanged because her power made the leaders in the court believe her.
In conclusion, the power and love that motivated Abigail WIlliams resulted in the death of many and a family being ruined. Abigail William’s cost John Proctor his life and left Elizabeth Proctor without her husband and her children without a father. Also, since the girls were scared of the power Abigail had they accused others to save themselves from Abigail. Power is very addicting in which Abigail had plenty of and it got her in trouble. Her character was important because it shoes us how power can take over and soon you don't have any control over yourself and what you
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