The Role Of Abstinence Of Sex In A Relationship

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I know recently that you have been trying to decide whether or not you want to take the “next step” in your relationship, and I wanted to help you make a healthy decision. Before you even begin to consider the pros and cons you need to truly decide if you are ready for any outcome, physically, emotionally, and socially. Having sex not only affects your physical relationship, it also has an effect on you emotionally and mentally, and many times people are not aware of these side effects beforehand. After intercourse, you may begin to feel awkward around your partner and self-conscious, or you may feel more connected and firm in your relationship. Both results are common and if you decide to take this big step, you should be prepared for both. Having sex in the…show more content…
Similarly, in you got pregnant, even if after the 9 months you put the baby up for adoption, it takes a toll on both your body emotionally and physically. These results can all be avoided by practicing abstinence. Abstinence is the safest and most effective method of protection against STDS (HPV, STDs HIV, & Hepatitis B etc.) and pregnancy. If you choose to not have sex, some short term pro’s would be that you are at no risk of exposure to STDs and cannot get pregnant, however, a con would be that it may bring tension into the relationship. In the long run, by choosing not to have sex at a young age, you are allowing yourself to develop completely emotionally, mentally, and physically. You will also be more prepared for the consequences, good or bad, that will come with choosing to have sex. Some long term cons would be that your relationship may end due to the tension and that you may feel “guilty”. Whatever your decision, if you choose to withhold from sex, or if you chose to have sex, I have some strategies and tips to help you tell your
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