The Role Of Academic Performance On College Students

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Earning an "A", "B", or even "C" in an educational course shows understanding of the course 's objectives. Even though the three grading scale letters are in different ranks, the one common element they all share is that the student is passing or has passed their course. However, studies have shown that in American colleges grades have dropped progressively in recent years. College students depart from their institutions for different causes and poor academic performance is one of them. Rather it is being worked over time managing, losing interest in their learning priority, or distracting oneself over other non-educational wants, students will most likely fail themselves for losing focus on their learning subjects. Academic performance can be improved by the installation of cash, the concession of allowing students to scrutinize each other 's assignments and exams, and the establishment of diurnal collaborative learning sessions. The last thing on most students ' minds is flunking a class that goes towards their major, or any class they are taking in that instance. Sadly, a bad grade is always possible for many reasons. Common aspects that lead to earning bad grades are procrastination, anxiety, and disturbances among studies. In the work, "Bad Grades Lead to College Dropout Even When They Don’t Have To," Eric Horowitz claims that "Bad grades didn’t force students to drop out because of academic rules or regulations, bad grades caused students to drop out because they…
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