The Role Of American Women During The Years 1900 Essay

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HL History Internal Assessment Examine how the the role of American women in the workforce changed during the years 1900 to 1920 due to World War One? Tudor America entered into World War One during the year 1917, but was already feeling the effects prior to their entry. The years leading up to the war and after affected women’s roles in the workplace. Their roles changed drastically between the years 1900 and 1920 due to the impact of World War One, compared to what they had been previously. To examine the extent to which their roles change, the investigation with look at change in type of work, wages, and societal roles. It will include the use of secondary documents written by experts as well as statistical data provided in case studies. • In 1870 only 14.8 percent of females over 16 worked for wages (Greenwald 5). • In 1870 most women worked in the fields of agriculture or domestic and personal service (Greenwald 5). • From the 1870’s the nature and location of women’s work underwent a major transformation as mass production and mass distribution became facts of daily life in the United States (Greenwald 4). • Women in America had been fighting nearly a hundred years for equal rights and recognition (Collins 283). • Many women also carried out home-based work such as finishing garments and shoes for factories, laundry, or preparation of snacks to sell in the market or streets (Braybon). Tudor • This was in addition to their unpaid

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