The Role Of Anthropologists And Archaeologists Were Oppressive

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Artions of anthropologists and archaeologists were oppressive because they completely ignored beliefs and cultures of American Indians. It should be recognized that some who study these topics are well-intentioned, but they are a minority. These seemingly harmless fields of study are actually the culprits behind the destruction of Native American

Under the guise of historically beneficial actions, archaeologists excavated skeletons at an alarming rate. In the name of science, archaeologists dug up hundreds of thousands of bodies in the last three centuries. The exact number will never be known due to grave robbers and looters, who could have actually stolen or ruined two to three times more remains than official archaeologists (Rose 84). Additionally, “pipelines, highways take a heavy toll” on Native American sites as they are clearly ignored by excavation planners (Mallouf 198). 1988 data collected found that from over 140,000 official archaeological sites, 2,205 contained human skeletons (84). From the 2205 sites, over 26,000 skeletons were found (84). These numbers have continued to increase as more skeletons have been accounted for. Additionally, repatriation does not apply to private collectors and there are no known private collectors who have returned objects from their collections (Bolz 74). However, many human remains have not been recorded or preserved, especially if non-academic parties partake in digging.

Curated skeletons are slightly easier to keep…
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