The Role Of Athletics Youth Development : Sports Do Not Build Character Essay

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Sophia Perry
K. Goldsmith
12 September 2016
The Role of Athletics in Youth Development
“Sports do not build character. They reveal it,” said John Wooden legendary UCLA basketball coach. Sports; specifically, youth sports have become a staple of today 's society. Sports are much more than just a way to stay active, they have important physical, psychological and social development benefits. Children 's participation in athletics is not only fun, but teaches them life skills such as teamwork, hard work, discipline, time management, and it builds character, all qualities that they will carry through adulthood. In spite of all the positives, athletics do have downfalls and faults. Research shows that almost one-third of all childhood injuries are sports related ("Sports Injury Statistics"). Many concerns have come up regarding how competitive youth sports have become, causing children to burnout or become injured; between this and the pressure put on by out-of-control parents, athletes are experiencing extreme amounts of stress and pressure. Despite many pros and cons, youth athletics is a great way to stay active, and learn life-skills if done the correct way with the proper support from both parents and coaching staff.
Athletics offer so much more than just improving hand eye coordination and keeping children fit. Harvard graduate, Paul Caccamo, explains that “sports are more than a game; they are a set of life lessons. Kids growing up without them are really disadvantaged”

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