The Role Of Being Governor Really Changed Over The Years?

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Module 9: Governors
Jim McGrath
Bowling Green State University Abstract
Read the Chapter in the course Text: Governors Provide a minimum two - page response to the following:
1. Has the role of being governor really changed over the years? Please explain your answer.
2. Just exactly what makes one governor strong and another governor weak or less effective? How might a state with a "Strong Governor" fair better than say a state with a weak governor lacking strong leadership skills?


The role of a governor is often complex and requires the ability to have vision, high energy, and leadership, in order to be successful. (Harrington 2008) Governors’ responsibilities are quite diverse. Often the most visible politician on the state, many governors have gone to be some of the most influential leaders in American history. Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Franklin Roosevelt, were all governors, prior to becoming President of the United States of America. Governors provide leadership in their states in the forms of Chief of State, setting agenda’s, leader of public opinion, crisis manager, party chief, state military chief, judge, and administrator.
The governor’s role has evolved through different phases, beginning in the 1830’s. An “Executive Representation” was a demand presented on a belief that the executive branch should symbolize citizens similar to that of legislature. Meaning, the concept of
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