The Role Of Ben Johnson During The Olympic Olympics

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Case 8.28 explains the role Ben Johnson played in the investigation into drugs in sports. Johnson was a well-known Canadian runner. He won gold in the 1988 Olympics breaking both world and Olympic records. Winning the gold medal at the Seoul Olympic Games gave Canadians a reason to celebrate and led to widespread celebrations across the country. Winning gold for one’s country bring pride to the country and Canada took full advantage. It is believed that the Prime Minister even used the victory to call a federal election. After the Olympics were over, the world found out that Johnson’s body contained an illegal substance. Johnson was stripped of his gold medal from the Olympic committee and what Canada had been rejoicing was now humiliating. The scandal led to an investigation into the use of substance abuse across the country. The report found that there was an issue of substance abuse among many in sports. The abuse did not just stop at the Canadian borders, but was also found internationally at every level of sport. The athletes involved in the scandal were made known and were suspended (Malloy, 2003). The moral or ethical issues raised in this case is if testing positive for a banned substance is ethically wrong. Is the use of a banned substance considered a form of cheating? The substances found in Johnson’s body were banned by the Olympic committee. In Canada’s quest to resolve the issue it instigated an investigation into all Canadian sports revealing that there was…
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