The Role Of Canada And The Peace Operation Of South Sudan

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Unquestionably Canada was a major contributor to the United Nation’s mission in South Sudan. Canada supported South Sudan in establishing a long term stable economy capable of supporting their population. In addition, Canada protected the rights of civilians in South Sudan by supplying the necessary resources to the United Nations and South Sudan. Furthermore, Canada assisted the establishment of a non-corrupt democratic government in South Sudan. Thus, the peace operation of South Sudan from 2012 to 2016, Canada played a crucial role in supporting long term economic development, protecting the rights of citizens and establishing a stable government. Canada encouraged the people of South Sudan to strengthen and develop their economy.…show more content…
Canada prevented countless human rights violations committed to civilians because of civil war in South Sudan. South Sudan has several tribes, but the two largest (Dinka and Nuer) have had a long history of conflict. Additionally, the dismissal of the Vice President Riek Machar (Nuer) by the President Salva Kiir (Dinka) has plunged the two tribes into conflict once again (Conflict between Dinka and Nuer 1). Furthermore, the dismissal of Riek Machar led him to become the leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and sparked a conflict between the government of South Sudan and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (South Sudanese Civil War 1). Examples of violations are the Dinkas ethnically cleansing the Nuer people, government troops attacking civilians in towns and sexual violence against women (South Sudanese Civil War 1). As a result, Canada created Operation SOPRANO and refugee camps in South Sudan to prevent further atrocities committed toward civilians (Operation SOPRANO 1). Additionally, Operation SOPRANO consist of Canadian Task Force members and their mandate is to “protect civilians, monitor and investigate human rights violations, create the conditions to provide humanitarian aid and support implementing a cease-hostilities agreement” (Operation SOPRANO 1). Furthermore, Canada supplied the United Nations with 500 million Canadian dollars and 600 peacekeeping troops. In summary, without the aid of Canada a vast majority of the
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