The Role Of Career Development And Human Relations

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1. Introduction The prospects of this report are tentatively in core domain and relation to the aspects of career development and human relations. Affirmatively, the scope of the study covers a particular niche of interest and of which is the primal subject of analysis and survey in this paper - G. Relevantly, it can be enumerated that the perspective of choice taken and equally rendered in this report is based on an analytical endeavour that seeks to articulate the various modules of management. Ideally, a case study is accosted with the core principle being G and G’s career development regime. Based on factual aspects of G’s career chronology, the general prospects of this report delve into articulating G’s suitability to a position…show more content…
G’s high-spirited display of enthusiasm make G fit in an environment dominated by children, with excellent communication skills. 2.2 Teachers Assistant The post of an assistant teacher is demanding and dynamic because one does not have to interact with only one group of people, but requires establishing a coherent relationship with various groups such as teachers, parents, children and other workers in an institution. It corresponds with the working code that is being offered by our organisation, a factual career hub for the employee. Equally, our organisation seeks not only offers jobs but seeks to establish a candid career path for all employees (Busacca & Rehfuss, 2016). As such, all measures are put in place to ensure that whoever is validated and accredited to work has all the requirement and qualifications stipulated as per the job code of ethics. G displays an understanding of learners, passion and energy required for an assistant teacher and the emerging of a vacant in the same position makes G a suitable candidate for the role. 3. Job Description Additionally, we render the constellations of the job description dossier as an integral part of career development as will be validated in the theories and model section of this report (Patton & McMahon, 2014). G applied for the job of a teaching assistant at our organisation [The ABC School] with the accreditation of grade L2. The job was available for all persons deemed to have met the criteria
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