The Role Of Celebrities And Youth Exist

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The idea of having a role model is something society loves to champion. Kids should have role models, and adults should strive to be worthy of such a duty. Kids that don’t grow up with strong role models and mentors are almost expected to fail; without footsteps to follow exactly, kids are incapable of, or at least unlikely to, achieve anything worth of substance. In the same breath, people advocating the importance of role models condemn the expansion of celebrity in today’s society, claiming that they influence youth poorly and don 't set a good example for younger generations. But celebrities are the very people that young children are most likely to use as role models. So, how and why does this relationship between celebrities and youth exist? The reality of the world we live in is that kids love celebrities. The rich and famous are of a similar status of an older sibling’s friends: just out of reach, and untouchably cool. The mystique of celebrities is part of the allure, but with the media ever expanding, kids are lured even further in by the more intimate details available thanks to social media. Kids don’t just love celebrities, celebrities love kids. That is, when the kids are making the celebrities money. Whether donning their clothing line, buying their concert tickets, or adding their shoes to Christmas lists, kids are a revenue stream for celebrities. The famed have no problem with children when they are commodities, yet this situation is complicated when

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