The Role Of Censorship In Music

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How much is too explicit? Music has been around since forever, dated back from the late 1800s (music censorship debate). Music has become an important element of our life, and we are affected by it because there has come a point where we cannot eat, sleep, nor breath without its existence. Music has always been in our hearts. However, music has its own downside, this happened to be the controversy that surrounds it. Controversy often comes from the creative control of the artist’s work which are reflected in music videos, lyrics which are express openly with contents containing profanity, use of sexual innuendos, or even an act of Satanism. On the other hand, censorship viewed by many as a form of restriction on an artist’s creation, therefore…show more content…
Music gives artist freedom of expression. The involvement of society and their negative opinion and the media just create chaos, and artist are judged for their art. Singer-songwriter, Christina Aguilera took a different route; she wanted to be heard. She turned to what she knew best, being herself. In the album stripped, she is semi-nude from the waist up, this cause shock wave all around the world because she went against society’s idea of what woman should be like. However when we listen to the content of her songs, and paid less focus on her body or image altogether, we start to understand the female power that she sang , or her fight for feminism. The idea of feminism, and loving thy body are instilled in songs like “fighter”, and “beautiful” (Wikipedia). Ex-teen Disney star, Miley Cyrus also followed in the same foot step of Aguilera, but this time she took the extra mile. She appeared nude in her music video. However with everybody’s attention on Cyrus’ naked body, they missed the big picture. The big picture happens to be the lyrical content of the song, “Wrecking Ball”. The song is about her painful break up with boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. If the idea of nudity is accepted and not blocked by YouTube, then why are songs still censored even
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