The Role Of Change Management On Success Or Failure Of An Organization

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The Role of Change Management on Success or Failure of an Organization Change is hard for every company. In the words of Frederick Douglass, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”. Success in change management can be very hard to accomplish. To have success means the company has the ability to communicate and work together in an organized fashion, while simultaneously making significant changes in the company. This process proves very difficult in any size company. Larger companies generally have more complicated changes, because for a large company to make these changes it has to be worth using the resources to do so. Smaller companies changes can be hard because many times the employees are set in their ways, and change would just make everything more difficult. When it comes to change management there are six factors that are imperative to have for the process to be a success: leading, communicating, learning, measuring, involving, and sustaining. All six of these factors must be planned and addressed properly for the company to achieve the best results. If a company is lacking in one of these areas it can a negative impact on all of the other areas. Change affects employees on every level of the organization. A CEO or a General Manager will be under a lot of pressure to make the change happen in a specific timeline. When things are not happening on time, the pressure can trickle down to lower management as well as employees. It is very important for

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