The Role Of Classical Rational Models Of Decision Making

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There are things in life many people will never understand. Sometimes, that is how things are suppose to be because some things just aren’t explainable. In the documentary, How to Die in Oregon, I’ve learned that when it comes to making conclusions regarding someone else, judging them is not a plausible act. There are, however, decision making processes that can possibly let us understand how an individual comes to difficult decisions. The use of classical rational models of decision making as well as the cost benefit analysis can help determine such settlements. The documentary How to Die in Oregon is centered around people making difficult decisions. These decisions are ones that many people do not understand. On one side, the family may look at the decision of the terminally ill individual as selfish. In the video, there were families that came to terms with their loved ones decision. Then, there were outsiders who thought the idea was purely ludicrous and refused to understand the whole concept. The “death with dignity” law grants terminally ill people the right to not have to go through excruciating pain for excess amounts of time. Some people may never understand the amount of pain these individuals go through, which is why they are a bit ignorant to the law in general. They look at it as flat-out suicide which goes against their beliefs. Moreover, looking at the classical rational model of decision making could further explain how individuals make their choice.…
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