The Role Of Clenbuterol As An Bangladeshi Aid

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There are many illicit drugs being used nowadays by athletes to enhance their physical performance in the sports they are engaged in. The use of such energy enhancing drugs is increasing day by day and that has given rise to the need of taking a look over various aspects of that drug and figuring out the legal and ethical aspects related with the use of that drug. One such drug which is nowadays becoming popular is Clenbuterol. In this study we investigate the role of Clenbuterol as an ergogenic aid. We will document the importance and relevance of this ergogenic aid. There will be a detailed explanation of the physiological basis of how this ergogenic aid works, what are the positive effects of Clenbuterol, if it really works or not, if it works on different types of population like male / female, athletes / non athletes, young / old etc., the side effects, for the type of exercise it works for like aerobic / nonaerobic the ethical concerns of Clenbuterol and whether it is banned. There are various examples discussed and detailed by taking review of various journals, articles, books and websites by taking the most recent researches into consideration. A general idea about Clenbuterol and it’s implications in practical life for the coaches, athletes and other health practitioner, is mentioned. Introduction:
(Thein LA, Thein JM, Landy GL. Ergogenic aids. Phys ner., 1995) “In the context of sport, an ergogenic aid can be broadly defined as a technique or…
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