The Role Of Collective Bargaining And Resolve Industrial Disputes

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The role of collective bargaining to resolve industrial disputes Collective bargaining was first used in 1891 by Beatrice Webb between employers and employees as the way to resolve disputes. Collective bargaining are the negotiations carried out by a recognised in a workplace trade union and the employer. These negotiations deal with terms and conditions of employment. Thus, one of the aims of a trade union is to negotiate with employers in order to achieve the best possible results for their members and employees. More specifically, trade unions are organizations that represent people at work. Therefore, someone from the union meets with the management on behalf of a member or a group of staff. Furthermore, trade unions must make sure…show more content…
The role of the trade union is to speak on behalf of their members and bargain with employers. Other priorities of trade unions are to offer information, guidance and advice regarding work related problems. Trade unions also offer their members a variety of services such as legal advice, insurance, financial services and even training. They even carry out campaigns concerning various issues such as low pay, bullying and discrimination. It is clear that trade unions help employees if a problem arises at work. Research shows that U.K. union members get paid higher (on average 12.5% more) have better sickness and pension benefits, more flexible hours at work and more holiday than non-union members. Furthermore, being a union member results in giving power to the union by giving a collective voice. The campaigns the unions organize aim to create a fairer society. Wherever there is a trade union workplaces are safer. Recent studies have shown that the injury rate of organizations with trade unions managing health and safety are 50% lower than those organizations that manage safety without unions. Yearly, thousands of trade union members ask for help from their trade unions regarding a problem at work. The trade unions’ legal services have made settlements for millions of pounds for members treated unfairly at work. In 2007, trade unions in the U.K. as a whole, won a record of
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