The Role Of Communication In The Aviation Industry

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COMMUNICATION:-Communication is the process of exchanging of information and common understanding each other. The elements of the communication process are the sender, encoding the message, transmitting the message through a medium, receiving the message, decoding the message, feedback, and noise. To an employer, good communication skills are essential in his working life. One of the challenges in the workplace is learning the specific communication styles of others and how and when to share your ideas or concerns. In all cases the problems are embedded in the complexity of the communication process itself. In order to transfer information, both the person sending and receiving the information must be able to formulate, listen, hear and interpret the message correctly as well as verify the information for completeness, and at any of these stages things could go wrong.
Communication skills are important to every sector, how we give and receive information and how we convey our ideas and messages with those around us. Communication comes in many forms: verbal (sounds, language), oral (listening and hearing), non-verbal (facial expressions, body language), written (emails and text messages), visual (signs, symbols). How communication influence in aviation sector? In Aviation industry, the role of communication is vital. For the exchange of some crucial and essential information, and commands between cabin crew and Air traffic controller (ATC), there is a need
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