The Role Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Csr

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Overtime,stakeholder demands for corporate social and environmental responsibility have been greatly increasing."According to Girod and Michael (2003,cited in Jones etal,2007 ) CSR is ‘a key tool to create, develop and sustain differentiated brand names".
The importance and eminence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across the business world started to increase during 1998-2007. Role conflicts often arise when competing demands like business goals and social goals are in question. The increase in the sense of social responsibility,stakeholder pressures and concerns for the environment has heightened the focus of businesses on CSR. A business that fulfils its CSR sufficiently can expect an improvement in its financial performance,enhanced brand reputation, a reduction in its operating costs,long term sustainability, a boost in staff commitment,innovation and production,better risk management,good relations with its stakeholders and development of closer links with customers. However,in today 's world CSR is not being dealt with serious and proper attention hindering the success of businesses.Business ethics concern the study of proper trading policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues.They are guided by law and are based on a certain scheme that businesses should follow in order to gain public approval and be successful.CSR embraces responsibility for the behaviour of companies and motivates them to have a positive contribution and impact
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