The Role Of Critical Thinking In Higher Education

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We as college students are constantly bombarded with questions of what we want to do with our education and what we are looking to take from our experience in higher education, but I say are our hundreds of thousands of dollars really being justified based on what educators are teaching us. Yes, math, science, and art history, are all well and good but what are the real life takeaways I am going to use in my occupation? Here is a thought how about colleges and universities start teaching us critical thinking skills, how to collaborate and work under a master, and how to understand human being and empathy? Personally, I want to start being exposed to these areas in particular. In order to improve higher education and to justify it’s luxury pricing,…show more content…
Personally, critical thinking is key in my major of biological sciences and even more so in continuing my education and going on the veterinary college. What I am seeing and experiencing is a lack of critical thinking, but this is a key that all students could benefit from. Rather than forcing dogmatic ideology on to students colleges and universities should support disputation and encouraging arguing, which is something author Scott L. Newstok discusses in his article “How to Think Like Shakespeare.” Arguing breeds critical thinking, it forces a student to break out of their comfort zone and not only state their point, but also defend if with facts, examples, and details. By learning to support and have explanations for ideals, students will also start to be exposed to multiple angles for the same subject. Newstok stresses that exposure to multiple angles helps students with real life application, by see more than one right answer or solution, will help me with clinical application in the veterinary field. What I mean by this in particular is correctly stressed by the saying sometimes a horse is just a horse, but other times when you hear hooves it’s really a zebra. Meaning critical thinking will help me not rule out even the most obscure ideas and make me apt to getting a more sound solution in my future occupation. By having exposure to this area while in college I will be much more prepare for a real life setting, more so than just being preached at from a
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