The Role Of Cultural And Social Influences On Our Behavior

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Throughout the course of the first semester we as a Psychology class learned a whole variety of different and varying concepts of Psychology. Chapter one we went over all the different ways psychologists study behaviors and mental processes. Included were the contemporary perspectives, such as behavioral, which focuses on behavior that is observed. Psychodynamic focuses on our fantasies and our hidden motives. Humanistic is all about our free will and conscious choices. Physiological is the relationships between biological processes and behavior. Cognitive perspective is our acquired knowledge, and last but not least is sociocultural, which places great value on the role of cultural and social influences on our behavior.

Continuing on we as a class learned about the spinal cord, which is a column of nerves lining our back, as well as the central nervous system, which is the human body’s main processing unit. Chapter two focuses primarily on these two aspects of the body. The central nervous system is the brain and spinal cord, the brain, hindbrain, and midbrain are in charge of the senses. Hearing and sight for example are dealt with in the forebrain. The nervous system includes many different working pieces that control the body. Such as Dendrites; these are the hairs on the neurons. Ions have both negative and positive neurons which each has three, included with the soma in the cell body. Axon is the long tube of it, and the terminal button is the end of the tube.
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