The Role Of Cultural, Social, And Political Norms

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Joyriding in Riyadh, by Pascal Menoret, examines the challenging of cultural, social, and political norms. Menoret wanted to explain the underlying purpose for joyriding; joyriding is not just something young Saudis participated in to rebel, but instead a larger movement on the state. Pascal Menoret spent 4 years in Saudi Arabia studying and learning first-hand what life was like for the average Saudi citizen. He strived to gain insight with those who were activity involved in Islamic groups and conducted various interviews with Saudis of all ages. Menoret received his PhD from the University of Paris and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and Princeton University. Menoret taught at New York University Abu Dhabi as Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Studies. At Brandeis University, Menoret holds the Renee and Lester Crown Chair in Middle Eastern Studies in the Anthropology Department. Menoret has published two other works, The Saudi Enigma: A History (Zed Books, 2005) and L 'Arabie, des routes de l 'encens à l 'ère du pétrole (Gallimard, 2010). Throughout this book, the Saudi youth continuously create trends and movements to find their voice and add their thoughts regarding the urbanization taking place. Wanting to resist the change that is forced upon them, the Saudis rebel through the one of the few means they can, illegally joyriding. The book focuses on the aspect of joyriding and the relation between joyriding and political activism. To speak out
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