The Role Of Culture And Consumption Of Health Care Products Among Chinese Consumers

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The role of culture in the consumption of health care products among the Chinese consumers
People have different consumption behaviors in relation to the using up of various health products. Their experiences and cultures determine if they are likely to purchase given health products. Chinese culture is different to the Australian culture which creates vast differences in how the consumers carry out their purchases as well in the decision making process. Even though features such as flavor, quality and brand name is similar across all the nationalities, the customers values and the role that the culture is attached to a given product plays a critical role in influencing the purchase behavior. In this case, the consumption
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Over the years, Australian vitamin and food markets are highly favored by the Chinese consumer due to the quality of their production. Vitamins are packaged and advertised in a unique way depending on the role they play in the human body. The promotions of the vitamins mainly the supplements are primarily carried out through all the print media and online platform. However, the probability of the Chinese customers repurchasing the product solely relying on the customers’ first time experience or the influence from other family members or the society in general has on such a person. Due to the collectivism in the Chinese market, one bad experience from one customer may influence the purchasing behavior of similar products. Concept 1: Customer satisfaction Every company in any industry mainly focuses on the customer satisfaction since it is the main avenue of creating customer loyalty. According to Stastny, Evenson, and Mozumdar, (2011) most companies often fail for failing to consider the client needs in the manufacture of their products both in the short and in the long run. In the health sector, vitamins play a critical role in people lives since they are a source of strength, and they enable people to carry out their day to day activities. They are three sources of vitamins which include food-related products, drinks, and the supplements. The last decade the use of the supplements have increased across
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