The Role Of Culture And Human Development

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The role of culture in human development allows us to process and reflects on our heritage in order to understand who we are as an individual. My family history brings back so many memories that, it might imply, sacrifices were the main actions between family members. While gathering information from my ancestors, I got the opportunity to find out that being a collectivist and interdependent individual were the messages received about the rules of belonging. When it comes to patriarchal family, all women in my family had to do both roles; shockingly, men were not involved in their child’s lives. Even-though migration intents to bring wellness to the family it only brought separation to mine. Leaving Dominican Republic at the age of eleven was not challenging, leaving my family behind, was devastating. Coming to the United States was a challenged that my brother and I need it to face, we were then leaving the only women we then saw as a mom, our aunt Maribel. According to my biological mother, Alejandrina, it was normal for the members of my family to give the children away to a relative. For instance, my grandmother had five daughters and she only took care of one, Alejandrina the fourth daughter. According to her, she was not in the best shape of supporting a kid, which is why she gave away the other four. During the years, I have noticed that the act of giving a child to a relative was usual. For instance, my aunt Maribel took care of eight individuals, where only
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