The Role Of Culture And International Marketing

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“As no two cultures or two individuals are quite alike, the cultural differences and potential incompatibilities that the interactants bring to a specific encounter can add complexity to the counseling experience.”.which is said by Carmella H. Woll(1996). As is widely known that the culture play a very important role in people’s lives, such as that the way of thinking and doing are all related to the culture. According to what Hofstede found that the different culture and social background will make people’s behavior and thinking mode be different. It is illustrated that the marketing is a societal process,which means that the individuals and groups in different countries gain the things what they need and want through the methods of freely exchanging products and services of value with each other (Ringold and Weitz, 2007).As a result, a company that want to enter in a foreign market must be emphasis on the native culture. This essay will discuss what role culture plays in the international market.
2.Definition of Culture and international marketing
It is noted by Hans Kjetil Lysgard(2012) that the definition of culture are highly contested in the public debate. It is known that culture is a wide concept. Some cultures are formed though a long time, such as some ancient civilization. Different life experience came down generation after generation. This is one of the methods how the cultures formed. Different religions are also have its own culture. It is known that a culture
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