The Role Of Cyber Pilgrimage On A Pilgrimage

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Moreover, there are also other methods of cyber-pilgrimage that are commonly use to partake on a pilgrimage on a daily basis. These include pilgrimages videos on YouTube, virtual tours, and online pilgrimage websites of 3D replicates of sacred sites. For example, a very well known YouTube channel for pilgrimage is the America Media. This channel contains many pilgrimage journeys made by father James Martin. Father James is a Jesuit priest, a writer, and editor for the Jesuit magazine America. The channel has 4,018 followers who sign in to YouTube to travel to all sorts of places with the help of Father James. In his videos of pilgrimage, Father James shows the audience everything he sees as he walks through the sacred sites. In this YouTube videos, he explains the religious meaning and background of each site. For example, in one of his videos to the Holy Land he is at the town of Capernaum where Jesus is said to have lived. As he walks along the streets of this town he shows the audience the ruins of the places where Jesus used to go to preach. Among these ruins he shows the fourth century synagogue. At this moment, he explains that this is where it is said that Jesus after entering the synagogue to preach was able to cast a demon right out of a man immediately. He then goes on to talk about the humanity of Jesus. This video along with the others have given Cyber-pilgrims the opportunity to experience what it 's like to go on a pilgrimage to sacred terrestrial
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