The Role Of Different Projects Management Techniques

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The role of different project management techniques Is to implement projects successfully has been widely established in areas such as the planning and control of time, cost and quality. In spite of this the distinction between the project and project management is less than precise. This paper aims to identify the overlap between the definition of the project and project management and to discuss how the confusion between the two may affect their relationship. It identifies the different individuals involved on the project and project management, together with their objectives, expectations and influences. It demonstrates how a better appreciation of the distinction between the two will bring a higher possibility of project
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the Thames Barrier, the Fulmar North Sea oil project or Concorde, all of which turned out to be relative successes, even though the project control aspect of them failed. It can therefore be argued that the relationship between the two is less dependent than was first assumed, and in order to measure project success a distinction should be made between the success of a project and the success of the project management activity. This paper attempts to provide a logic for the distinction between project management and the project. Starting from a definition of the two terms, it will outline the factors which affect their success, the individuals involved and their respective orientations and the relationship between these elements. It also discusses the implications of the situation where the project fails but the project management process is perceived to have succeeded or vice versa.

Project success or failure: The definition of a project has suggested that there is an orientation towards higher and long-term goals. Important parameters within the goals will be return on investment, profitability, competition and market ability. A range of variables and factors will affect the ability to achieve these goals, which have been identified by various authors. The following list has been derived from the writings of Cash and Fox 4, Baker et al.5 '6, Kerzner 3, Wit 2 and KumarT:
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