The Role Of Discrimination Against Muslim Women In America

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Muslim women are continually marginalized by American society, due to their gender, religion, ethnicity and race. Between growing up in an Islamophobic country, being divided by race and religion, the social and cultural pressures of being a woman and the media/public labeling one as a terrorist, Muslim women face extremely challenging issues living in America. However, as a result of their unique intersectional axis, they fail to receive support from advocacy organizations. Thus, it is evident that the prevailing narrative concerning Muslim American women needs to change. The best approach would be an intersectional method, that addresses gender, religion, ethnicity and race. These steps should include increased funding and support for “outreach and support programs in schools, mosques and neighborhoods,” that seek to deepen the ties between Muslim American women and the broader communities at large…show more content…
Furthermore, the development of “programs aimed at preventing hate crimes, violence against women, and discrimination against Muslims should address the unique forms of discrimination faced by Muslim women in America -- both as Muslims and as women” (Time to Address Violence Against Muslim
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