The Role Of District Health Boards In New Zealand

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Healthcare in New Zealand is delivered by various network of organizations and people themselves. Each network within a community has a specific role to play to achieve better healthcare for all New Zealanders. Healthcare in New Zealand has recently transformed from market based structures to community focused District Health Boards(DHBs). District Health Boards (DHBs) in New Zealand are organisations established by the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000, responsible for ensuring the provision of health and disability services to populations within a defined geographical area \citep{dhb}. Currently there are 20 District Health Boards across New Zealand and even though they all differ in size and their structure, they all…show more content…
Each DHB is governed independently from each other by board members consisting of 11 members whom are elected by the public every three years. \section{Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Vs Electronic Health Record (EHR)} Electronic Medical Record or EMR is basically the digitized version of the patient's medical record which might include demographic information, scanned copies of the patients report and any other information that might be collected by the healthcare provider about the patient. With EMR, it is usually collected and maintained by a single entity. The single entity can use EMR for diagnosis of treatment and the diagnosis reports cannot be shared with other entity because EMR are designed not to be shared by outside entity. Figure \ref{emr} displays the visual representation of EMR and EHR within New Zealand. It shows how medical information is collected from various healthcare providers and feeds to the national EHR. EMR are single records that can be accessed and modified by everyone within the practice and can be referred to anything that can be found on a paper chart, such as patients treatments, diagnosis etc. Electronic Health Records is the aggregated medical information that is maintained by and shared across multiple entities. EHR is a vital document that contains very sensitive information about the patient such as name, address, date of
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