The Role Of Drug Legalization In NJ

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Pot, weed, Mary Jane, grass, marijuana, whatever you want to call it, has had a bad reputation all throughout history known as the gateway drug to all things bad but in reality pot is not an awful drug as popular media claims for it to be. It provides several remedies to common ailments and alleviates some more potent illnesses. If weed was legalized for common use more good than bad would come from it. Personally I envision that the legalization will create a beneficial environment in the state of New Jersey. Currently, there is a large majority of NJ citizens fighting for legal marijuana. Recreational use of weed should be should be made legal in the state for it is used in the treatment of several serious diseases, would reap a hefty revenue…show more content…
Currently, the amount of money invested in preventing the illegal sales of marijuana effectively wastes NJ’s resources. NJUMR claims modern laws, “waste more than 127 million each year on a failed policy,”(Barr as quoted in Green) this policy being the crackdown on illegal weed organizations and similar dealings which has been very ineffective in the past few years. If such laws were reformed or repealed and the drug was made legal the income would heavily outweigh the money lost in the failing policy. This chokehold that the government has on weed is hurting more people than they believe. The act of suppressing pot is creating public negativity towards Governor Christie and the overall capabilities of the NJ government. One disgruntled patient said, “He’s [Governor Christie] taking my life and dealing with it as he pleases… It’s my illness and it’s my body. It should never be the government’s call,” (Haglage). Both socially and economically, it would be beneficial for the state to legalize recreational…show more content…
An immense portion of the police task force is dedicated to drug busts focusing on petty marijuana users. Another irritated citizen vocalized his opinion with, “I’d be very frustrated in the fact that I’m supposed to arrest and lock up marijuana users, when I should be fighting real crime,” (Green). The focus on busting minor pot users needs to be decreased for it is consuming too much of the police force’s time. This saved time could be dedicated to fighting more serious crime and problems in communities, thus making it more safer for surrounding neighborhoods. Beyond the police force, it also does not help that recreational marijuana is already a law in several states in the U.S., such as Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and D.C. (Livio). If these locations in America have passed the okay for weed how come NJ has not followed through too? The country’s capital has already made it legal which is massive but people in other states are still suffering with laws preventing treatment and recreational use of marijuana. In a nutshell, legalizing recreational marijuana would be beneficial for the community as a whole for it can be easily utilized as medicine, it will generate immense amounts of revenue for the government, and it is simply the more intellectual route for the well being of the community. Over the past few years, weed has been more and
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